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"I found the quality of the psychometrics training program to be of a very high standard. I would highly recommend it.”

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“This is a very thorough course with very useful materials. It gives the low down on how to run a career guidance practice and on how exactly to make it profitable and successful.

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"Highly recommended to those interested in psychometrics, personality profiling and emotional intelligence”.

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Health, Forensic, Clinical


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  • Providing online education - online private school empowers K-12 students worldwide to achieve academic excellence.

  • Learning for life - Digital-first and consumer-centred, everything they do is designed to meet learner’s rapidly-changing needs

  • Investing in helping people achieve their potential

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The leading provider of formative assessments to UK schools. The data will help you:

  • Highlight strengths and gaps in reading and core subjects

  • Reveal barriers to learning

  • Identify and support children with additional educational needs

  • Provide evidence of progress

  • Deliver evidence of whole school improvement

  • Directly inform teaching strategies

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"Our mission is to help companies and individuals find joy at work with our scientifically designed model. Designed by our own Dr Alan Redman, an internationally acclaimed British Psychological Society accredited organisational psychologist and soft skills expert.

Our platform, The Soft Skills Engine, drives success with people resulting in effective hiring decisions, job-performance, motivation, success and ultimately joy at work."

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"An easy to use, paperless and interactive approach to expedite your examination process. We offer a variety of services for Real Estate, Insurance, Construction, Barber, Cosmetology and other professional licenses and certifications."
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One of the world’s leading developers of psychometric tests and software for the workplace. 

  • Five continents

  • Over 20 languages

  • Over 5 million people assessed worldwide.

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Established in 1972, the company is a long-standing supplier of tests and resources to psychologists, teachers and parents.

Ann Arbor are main UK distributors for many USA based psychological assessment publishers.

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From its modest beginnings in Bob and Cathy Smith's home 43 years ago, PAR has grown into a leading publisher of psychological assessment materials designed to help our Customers better serve their clients.

"I found the course extremely useful, providing a structure to help you develop your practice, be more effective in your role, and develop a platform to communicate your value to your clients."

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"The company offers excellent psychometrics training with very supportive post-training services".

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"I found the training very interesting and professionally delivered. It has provided me with great insight

into personality and individual difference which I will bring forward into my coaching career."

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"The workshop was informative, interactive and relevant.  I have already put into practice many

of the ideas and tips learned during the day as I prepare to launch my career coaching business."

Business Meeting

"The company's profiling service gave me very accurate insight into applicants and

helped me to make the right decisions regarding key management positions".

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"The course was a great way for me to gain certification in testing. I would strongly recommend this course."

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