Who are the qualifications for?

The BPS qualifications in psychological testing are relevant to anybody wishing to make use of tests in educational, forensic or occupational settings, as it is based solely on the ability to demonstrate appropriate competence. There are no pre-requisites for working towards the qualifications in psychological testing, though some qualifications require the successful completion of prior qualifications. However, not having experience of working in the context where the testing will take place may provide a significant obstacle to achieving the qualification. It must be stressed that the scheme is focused on psychological testing and is not a qualification in educational, forensic or occupational psychology.


Benefits of the Society’s Qualifications in Psychological Testing
The British Psychological Society’s first qualification in psychological testing was launched in 1991. Since then the range of qualifications has been expanded and updated to reflect developments and current practice in psychological testing. The qualifications offer a number of benefits to test users which include:

  • a clear specification of what test users need to know and be able to do to use tests effectively and ethically in different contexts

  • a set of minimum standards for the use of tests and testing procedures

  • a flexible approach to training which allows test users to choose qualifications most appropriate to their current context whilst also giving them a route for the ongoing development of their competence

  • evidence of nationally recognised qualifications which will be transferable between training providers whose assessment methods have been deemed as appropriate by the Society, and between various publishers and other suppliers of test materials a Code of Good Practice for Psychological Testing which outlines the responsibilities and expectations of test users (see Appendix 1)

  • a clear specification of what test users need to know and be able to do in order to use tests effectively and ethically in different contexts

  • employment opportunities through registering qualified test users on the RQTU where their qualifications can be readily checked by potential employers and where their new qualifications are automatically updated

  • a specific set of objectives for students which they can match against the content of their training course and related assessments.

The British Psychological Society’s first qualification in psychological testing was launched in 1991. Since then the range of qualifications has been expanded and updated to reflect developments and current practice in psychological testing. The adoption of the qualification scheme has positive benefits for both trainers and test users. These include a definition of the knowledge and practical skills that should be covered, as well as the breadth or depth of knowledge and skills in which test users need to demonstrate their competence. The scheme also places the responsibility for judging competence with Chartered Psychologists. Qualifications at the Test User level and above can be used as evidence of competence for people wishing to use or purchase test materials. Evidence that one has attained the required standard for all the essential elements of competence is deemed by the Society as being a necessary (but not necessarily sufficient) condition for access to test materials. While publishers and suppliers of test materials cannot be bound by the BPS, the BPS encourages them to accept the appropriate qualifications as a basis for allowing test users to purchase test materials. Suppliers of tests may, of course, require evidence of additional areas of competence before granting access to specific tests, or may require users to have additional specialist training in the use of particular instruments. It is the responsibility of the test user to check the access arrangements for specific tests with publishers directly. Any person who has the minimum competence defined by the standards should be in a position to appreciate the need for additional training, where this is required.

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Overview of qualifications
The British Psychological Society currently offers qualifications in educational, forensic and occupational testing as follows:

Educational testing qualifications include:
 Assistant Test User
 Test User

Forensic testing qualifications include:
 Assistant Test User
 Test User

Occupational testing qualifications include:
 Assistant Test User
 Test User
 Specialist in Test Use

The Euro-Test CertificateIn addition the BPS offers the Level 2 Euro-Test Certificate. This award is accredited by the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA) and is available to all test users holding both a Test User: Occupational, Ability and Test User: Occupational, Personality qualification, but is not available for educational or forensic testing.





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University of Limerick

Dublin City University

Dublin Institute of Technology

Royal College of Surgeons

Queens University

University of Ulster

Waterford IT (WIT)

Letterkenny IT (LYIT)

Athlone IT

Galway-Mayo IT

Michael Smurfit Graduate

School of Business

Tipperary Institute

Kingstown College

National Learning Network

Patrician Brothers College

Centre for Personnel Mgt.

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