The BPS Certification: Code of Good Practice

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People who use psychological tests are expected to:


1. Take steps to ensure that they are able to meet all the standards of competence defined by the Society for
the relevant qualifications in test use.
2. Endeavour to develop and enhance their competence as test users.
3. Monitor the limits of their competence in psychometric testing
4. Only offer services which lie within their competence and encourage and cause others to do so.
5. Ensure that they have undertaken any mandatory training and that they have the specific knowledge and
skills required for each of the instruments they use.
6. Abide by local national regulations and restrictions relating to the use of psychological tests


7. Use tests, in conjunction with other assessment methods, only when their use can be supported by the
available technical information.
8. Administer, score and interpret tests in accordance with the instructions provided by the test distributor and
to the standards defined by the Society.
9. Store test materials securely and to ensure that no unqualified or unauthorised person has access to them.
10.Keep test results securely, in a form suitable for developing norms, validation, and monitoring for bias.


11.Obtain the informed consent of potential test takers, making sure that they understand why the tests will be
used, what will be done with their results and who will be provided with access to them.
12.Ensure that all test takers are well informed and well prepared for the test session, and that all have had
access to practice or familiarisation materials where appropriate.
13.Give due consideration to factors such as gender, ethnicity, age, disability and special needs, educational
background and level of ability in using and interpreting the results of tests.
14.Provide the test taker or other authorised persons with any agreed feedback about the results in a form
which makes clear the implications of the results, is clear and in a style appropriate to their level of
15.Ensure test results are stored securely, are not accessible to unauthorised or unqualified persons and are
not used for any purposes other than those agreed with the test taker.