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Diploma in
Coaching Psychology

(AC, ICF & EMCC Accredited)

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ACCREDITATION - British Psychological Society Test User: Ability & Personality.

DELEGATES - Executive & Career Coaches, Coaching Psychologists, HR Professionals.

COURSE - 3 Days Classroom Learning + off-course work (also available by Distance Learning).

TEST ACCESS - Aptitude, Ability, Attainment & Career Interests.

                                   Personality Traits (15FQ/16PF, NEO); Myers & Briggs Type (JTI, Golden Profile), Emotional Intelligence, Motivational Values - Sample Reports above.

FEES - Ability & Personality €1,150, Installments 3 x 400; Re-affirmation: €175 per Level.

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Test User Ability
The Test User Ability covers the main theoretical areas, including:

1) Principles of scaling, standardisation and norm-referencing; 2) Test theory – Classical test theory and Item response theory; 3) Reliability, Validity and Choosing Tests; 4) Assessment in Selection, Development and Guidance; 5) Interpreting test results; 6) Providing oral feedback; 7) Providing written feedback.

Test User Personality
The Test User Personality module trains you in analysing and using personality profiles.

Our core training is in 16PF/15FQ (Sample Report this page), with additional modules in Emotional Intelligence (EIQ), Motivational Values (VbIM) and the Myers & Briggs Model (JTI).

Please contact us for further information at: info@psychometrix.eu or +353 (86) 393 9844.




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