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Psychology for Business

Help your people grow your business.


Select the best people with our

Pre-Employment Screening

Assessment Centres

Develop the best in your people with our

Leaders and Teams Coaching

Employee Assistant Programs

Become certified in Occupational Testing:

BPS Certificate of Competence

in Occupational Testing (TUOA/P)


Psychology for Education

Understand students' educational needs and potential.


Ensure students access the right support with our

Educational Assessment (ADD, Dyslexia, etc.) -

Accommodations, Access & Learning Support 

Help your clients choose and develop their career with our

Career Guidance and Coaching

Become certified in Educational Testing:

BPS Certificate of Competence

in Educational Testing (CCET)

Psychology for Wellbeing

Help your clients achieve their goals.


Help clients identify their needs and potential with our

Psychological Assessment -

Personality, Neuro-cognitive & Forensic

Help your clients achieve their personal goals with our

Coaching & Psychotherapy

Become certified in Forensic Testing:

             BPS Certificate of Competence            

in Forensic Testing (CCFT)


CPD and Certification in
Psychometric Testing

Obtain the international, industry-standard

certification in psychometric testing from

the British Psychological Society (BPS)

 BPS Test User Occupational:

Ability and Personality (TUOA/P)

BPS Test User Educational (CCET)


BPS Test User Forensic (CCFT)

Setting Up A Career & Coaching Practice

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